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sharing science

imagine what we can do together by sharing our reagents:

reducing costs, increasing efficiency and building collaborations

decide with whom you share

You decide with whom you share your reagents. This can be with the entire divvly community, your institute, collaborating teams or groups of researchers with like-minded interests.

share reagents with the divvly community

divvly helps you share your reagents with other researchers by organizing requests and facilitating shipping and reimbursement.

quality reagents from expert labs

We all make frequently-used or special reagents ourselves. And because our research depends on them, they are thoroughly tested and characterized.

maximize your research budget

Share reagents for free or for a small fee to cover expenses. By sharing reagents, we all save money and time.

track reagent requests

Easily keep track of your requests, MTA process and shipping. Whether you’re the one requesting or sharing.

organize your inventory

Use divvly to document and keep track of your plasmids, antibodies and cell lines.

all information in one place

All relevant reagent information, protocols, images and MTA, it’s all there.

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